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The History of Earp's Steak Sauce.

Long before the days of Tombstone and Marshal Wyatt Earp's famous "Gun fight at the OK Corral", the Earp family had set their roots deep in what we term today as the "Old West". And though history has recorded that famous incident in all of its colorful detail, little has been noted about the every day aspects of the lives led by the Earp family, including our culinary skills.
Justice Knows No Boundaries and Neither Does Earp's Steak Sauce.
We Don't Take Prisoners!

In January of 2001 and on a National telecast program called The Pantry Professor, A-1 steak sauce was successfully used to...

Re-dye an old pair of leather boots.

(Now that's versatility you don't need.)
Don't try that with Earp's Steak Sauce. Ours is a food product.

The Formula

"The book" was handed down to me as a family heirloom. It had been tucked away in what appears to have been old Stage Coach luggage and stored in an attic for the last fifty years. A hand written book, dated 1884 and simply titled "Earp Family", it turned out to be a cook book treasure of Western recipes and other vital cooking information.
Among many long forgotten recipes that I found in the book, one in particular called for a "Dinner Sauce". Much more than a recipe, the six pages devoted to this sauce details numerous processes, procedural steps and even included when and where to grow certain ingredients.

Intrigued by this recipe's potential, I set out to duplicate it. That turned out to be a formidable task. A year of ingredients research, experimentation, trial batches and one year of further research in food development labs of Rykoff-Sexton, (now U.S. Food Service) this Nations second largest institutional food manufacturer, my efforts finally hit home and using the same natural ingredients as called for in the original formula.

Our Debut

In 1996, our product was introduced to the market place. Since then, and clearly in the Earp family tradition, we are winning the West all over again. This time it is one bite at a time and our aim is set squarely upon your family's dining room table.
With first place awards at both the Washington State Puyallup and Evergreen State fairs, focus group taste tests and those of consumers continue to rate our product superior, not only in taste but versatility as well.

In April of 1997 the premier home shopping TV network, QVC selected Earp's as one of Washington State's finest top twenty new products. Invited to appear on their National telecast on June 3rd of that year, our growing family of Heinz and A-1 converts can now be found from coast to coast.

First.... A Condiment

Absolutely capital on beef, pork, chicken and other types of poultry, you will find yourself using it on hamburgers, franks, steaks, ham, meatballs and venison. It is the perfect accent with meat loaf, fish, deep fried prawns, cheese and even French fries, eggs and hash browns

Second..... In the kitchen

Earp's WESTERN Steak and Dinner Sauce accents the flavor of foods. It does not hide it. Expect compliments on all the foods you prepare using Earp's sauce. Add to rice, pasta, meat pies, sloppy joes, baked beans or to just about any food item to create a special flair. Superb as a marinade or glazing sauce, Earp's adds zest to any meal.

Third.... On the BBQ

While Earp's is a steak sauce, today folks have discovered that when used on the BBQ, something special takes place. Unlike other sauces, Earp's tends to caramelize rather than burn. It has superior clinging qualities, meaning you waste little. Its bouquet will drive your hunger and it produces a wonderful tangy taste that all age groups simply love.

The bottom line...

Only the finest quality ingredients can be and are used to produce our sauce; I ain't fool'n none neither. Together, with a very complicated blend of spices and Old World methods of preparation, our sauce stands alone. Containing no artificial preservatives or any of those other nasty things like fat or cholesterol, everything it does contain is good for you. Its nutritional statement speaks for itself.

Today our sauce remains as versatile and healthy for you as the original. And like that original, it is saddle bag stable. You need not refrigerate it after opening the bottle. It is naturally shelf stable.

Michael A. Earp