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Earp's WESTERN Steak And Dinner Sauce, the authentic gourmet steak sauce of the Old West.

In the world of steak sauces, there are lots to choose from. So, why would you want Earp's Steak and Dinner Sauce in your pantry?

A good example of why choose Earp's would be Double DD Meats in Seattle. There they stock over 800 sauces! Their manager, Kim is always reminding us that Earp's Steak and Dinner Sauce is their "best seller."

With a bottle or two of Earp's Steak and Dinner Sauce in your pantry, you don't need anything else. And, that's a fact!

We Manufacturer Earp's Steak and Dinner Sauce and supply DIRECT to Retail Customers, Gourmet Stores, Restaurant Food Service, Specialty Food Stores, Specialty Meat Stores, Butcher Shops and Independent Grocery.

Not Just an Ordinary Steak Sauce. Earp's Western gourmet Steak Sauce is not your ordinary steak sauce. Earp's Steak Sauce is used as a condiment, marinade and in the grilling, cooking process. No other steak sauce has the versatility of Earp's. Folks even use it in place of ketchup. A real treat for the kids too!

Taste Comparisons. In over 15 years, Earp's has yet to lose a taste comparison. Going far beyond other brands of steak sauce, Earp's Steak Sauce has become the prime choice for folks here in the West. And, when you use our steak sauce on the BBQ you will experience cooking results that you never thought possible. Earp's Steak and Dinner Sauce truly brings out the natural flavor of foods; it does not mask it.

Restaurants. Restaurants stock it as it helps to bring customers back AND, they DO NOT need to refrigerate it after opening. It is naturally stable and there is no expiration date on Earp's Steak Sauce. It gets even better with age. You will also be pleased to know that Earp's has one of the lowest in sodium (salt) content and it contains NO ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES! In fact, all the ingredients in Earp's Steak Sauce are good for you. Our NUTRITIONAL STATEMENT, speaks for itself.

Truth in Advertising. Yes, we know... All companies state that their product is "the best", even if it isn't. Earp's Western Steak Sauce let's our customers do all the talkingOur customers letters say Earp's Steak Sauce is The Best.

Buy Direct From Us. Now you can not only get what all our customers state is the best for your family, you don't pay freight charges. (show us another steak sauce manufacturer that does that) You can call us Toll Free at the number below or order on line on our secure servers. It is only going to take one taste! You will then become yet a another convert.

"Best Steak Sauce In The World." John Langworthy, AZ

"My A-1 Steak Sauce is out the window." Al Denison, Centralia WA

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