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A few reasons why Earp's Steak Sauce sets new sales records each month.


Leonard Walch

"I found Earps on the internet almost 2 years ago and took a chance. I was more than pleasantly surprised at the great taste of Earp's steak sauce, and consequently ordered more (had to order by email as nobody in Las Vegas stocked it). I have moved to North Idaho, and have not found it here either, so I will be ordering Earp's not only for me personally, but for friends so that they can become part of the Earp's family."

Lennie Walch

Mark E-mailed
"My sister who lives in central California, found a bottle of your steak sauce in a SaveMart store.  She said it was the only bottle on the shelf hidden in the back.  But as luck would have it, being of Earp descent, (Lorenzo Earp - Uncle to Wyatt) the label caught her eye.  After e-mailing us about her find, and her subsequent taste test, we had a difficult time finding your website.  We are now looking forward to ordering a bottle because, so far, we have not been able to find it on a local grocers shelf.  (Kroger food store)  Great website, hope to see more information added to it."

Pat Langworthy - Washington

"We have introduced your product to many people by giving them one of our bottles. Everyone that has tasted it just loves it. We will continue to buy your product for a long time."

Kris Moore emailed:

"Just wanted to say Thank You! Since we first found Earps Western SteakSauce at our local butcher, we can't get enough! We use it on EVERYTHING we cook, and nothing tastes better than an open pit steak or ribs basted all day in our favorite sauce. With Earps', the sights on the competition.. lookout Heinz and A1!"


Pat Langworthy - Arizona

"We have used Earp's Western Steak and Dinner Sauce for at least 10 years and often give a bottle to friends to try. It is the best sauce this side of the Mississippi. (Possibly even east of the Mississippi!)"


Jo - Tucson Arizona

On her order form... Miss it, love it, can't wait to get my hands on it!



Kay Leonard - Hawaii

"We love your product and it's worth the wait to have it in Hawaii"


Thomas Garberina - Pennsylvania

Tasted Earp's sauce for the first time at the Palace Saloon in Prescott, Arizona this past June and was hooked immediately. Purchased a bottle at the Palace Saloon and now ordering a case to give out at Christmas to our eight children and two brothers. Unbelievable flavor and tasty on anything; most recently a black bean salad wrap. What a difference it makes in flavor. It enriches everything!!!



Susan Younger Fiala - Bellevue, WA

"First i have to tell you that your sauce is the BEST!!!!!!!. We are a hard family to sell. My husband has already gone out and bought more. He checked out the Web site. Loved it".



Don Kusler - Arizona

"A friend gave us a bottle and now we're hooked on it. The A1 and Heinz 57 just don't cut it anymore."



Margaret Lindell - Snohomish, WA

"I love that steak sauce, in fact, I just bought a bottle on April 7th when I had breakfast at the airport.  I had my brother-in-law taste it a few months ago when we ate dinner there, and he also loved it".



Terry Glaser - Tennessee

"I have ordered a case of Earp's each year for my grandkids stockings. They all love Earp's and will go through a case a year."



John - Burien WA e-mailed:

Dear Wyatt;

"Just stand back a bit and leave those Clanton boys alone for two seconds as I tell you how great your steak sauce is.

The flavor is great! A1 has been handed it's walking papers.

I saw it headin' fer the O.K.Corral with Ike and Billy Clanton whimpering away. From now on, Earp's Steak Sauce is my #1 choice!

Got a photo of you with a bottle that I hope comes out. If it does I'll email it to you.
Keep up the good work, Pards!

The Old West is rough and tough, but now because of Earp's Steak Sauce, it is a might tastier!"

Rocky Morgan - Oregon

"I also want to say thanks for a great steak sauce. I have tried a lot of sauces in my life and your's is by far the best. My mother has never liked using steak sauce of any kind but once she tried some of my Earps that all changed. Now she won't eat meat without it. I have even turned a few Texan's on to it. I can't believe that none of the grocery stores around here stock it. Your web site used to say that Albertson's stocked it. The Albertson's here sure never has it. I am glad that I can order direct".

Thanks Again,

Arnold Emerson, USAF

"While stationed overseas, a fellow military member received a care package from home and in it was your steak sauce. I can honestly say that your sauce made the rest of my tour almost bearable as before it came, all the foods we ate were pretty much like eating sawdust. After adding your sauce it was like eating a gourmet meal in the middle of the desert. Now it is the only steak sauce we eat at home and the first thing I pack when deployed."
Sam Cox - Arizona 

"I ordered a case of your sauce for the first time to give out as Christmas gifts and I tried it for the first time last night as I had others opened and needed to finish them up. Gotta say it is the best yet bar none.  Hats off to all of you.  I kept 4 bottles for myself but when they are gone I will be ordering again".

Charles Wiggins - New York - commented on his order form:

"The best steak sauce we ever ate. I use it on everything! even with eggs. I gave a bottle to my butcher and he said his grandson dosen't like anything but eats your sauce on a spoon."

Greg Carson - Libby MT

"I tried it and loved it .The best steak sauce ever made. I talked to a couple of  my friends that work at Rosaures and they said the store ought to carry Earps and I agreed. So iam going to talk to the manager of the store an see about getting them to carry Earps!!!!!!" 

Thank You again

John Dick e-mailed
Golden Steer Meats, Bellevue, WA
"In our shop we do not sell any other meat (steak) sauce. Our steaks are already great and your sauce adds to the flavor of the meat. It does not change the flavor like, brand x does".

David Meyers - Calgary - Alberta Canada

"The only way you can be of service today is to make another batch. Damn, thats good sauce. You should try this.I made a sandwich with bacon on fresh rye bread, used some grey poupon mustard, then dipped it in your sauce.Havin'marinated steak in it tonite, thanks a lot.I found it at a little meat deli called "ILLICHMANNS". Up here now we can buy "DAMNGOODBEER.COM, Now we have some damn good sauce".

Thanks again.D.E.M

Jason Alman, MN e-mailed
"Hands down the best steak sauce I have ever tried. Very pleased with the quick shipment, I even recieved my sauce in time for Christmas dinner".
Jon - Arizona e-mailed:

When I was a young man I worked for HJ Heinz in Pittsburg, PA. I made their Heinz 57 steak sause. I have only tasted yours once but found it great; much better than Heinz could ever do.

Colleen from Snohomish, WA e-mailed:
Our family won't eat a steak without it! If there is no Earp's in the pantry, then there is no steak for dinner.
Jeanne Barrett, Billings - Montana

Thank you so much for your speedy service and great steak sauce!

Vicki from Seattle emailed:
"I bought a bottle at the Seattle Gift Show in August 2002. Once I opened and tasted the sauce I could not believe how wonderful it is. If you can believe it I've managed to stretch this one bottle to last months as I could not bear it to be empty.

My custom basket business has grown from a hobby to a "real business". I am in the process of filling an order for 20 "Northwest Products" basket for a company that is hosting senators from all states. I want my "Northwest" basket to include your product as I only want the best the Northwest has to offer."
Wade Barron Fort Worth, Texas e-mailed
"Thanks for getting back to me.
I will go to your website and place an order. Too bad I can't get the good stuff in this area (yet). I tell everyone about it and use EARP'S Western Steak and Dinner Sauce on everything until I run out, then a few months later my friend in Colorado will come down and I always ask him to bring me a couple of bottles. I also use it in my recipes for chile and burgers etc.
It is by far the best sauce I have found".

Gail E-mailed
"Just to let you know, my family and I were visiting Prescott, AZ and the restaurant where we had lunch was selling your steak sauce and we decided to buy it for friends that use to live there. Well, they never got it! My family loves it. I haven't looked around to see if anyone in Ann Arbor carries it but I plan on suggesting it to our local grocer, Busch's Valu Land. They are family run and tend to have some interesting products. Let me know if I persuaded them to order some."
John from Entiat, WA e-mailed:
Buzz Inn's Wenatchee, WA tried it on steak. The best steak sause I have ever had.....Finally found your website to buy it online. Have not tried any other steak sauce since. You've hit a gold mine!!! Good stuff, don't ever change the recipe.

Janice E-mailed:
"I am in Spokane WA - my family LOVES this stuff... and we cannot find it anyplace...    Can you tell us the name of a store where we might purchase?  PLEASE?! "

Colleen E-mailed:

"Wow! I've been using your sauce since you were in Seattle at the QVC special! Everyone I come in contact with, I tell! Thank's for a wonderful product!"
Colleen Shelley


Fritz E-mailed

"I just ran into your steak sauce this past week while eating supper at a little eating place in Belt, Montana.  It's the best damn thing to hit steak since the BBQ grill. I'm not real sure of the exact name of the cafe in Belt, MT.  It was the Belt Cafe  or Belt Grill, i.e. something like that.   The town only has a population of about a 100-200 people.  We were fishing on the Little Belt Creek and just stopped in the cafe there on the way back home.  I live in Cheyenne, WY and  we could use some good steak sauce around here too, but did want to let you know you have a super product."
I'll be ordering a case real soon.
Al E-mailed:
Went to a conference in Mt. Vernon. 
Saw your product displayed at the counter of a steak house next door to the Best Western at College. Noticed  Kevin Costner on the bottle, picked it up and jotted down your web site. 
THEY served me A-! with my t-bone!  "I saw a bottle of that new stuff, Earps, at the counter...do you serve it?"  "Yes we do." "May I try It?" 
I did on my too under cooked Med. rare steak and.......WOW!!!!!! 
" I GOTTA GET ME ONE OF THESE !!!!" ( credit to Independence Day) 
You don't sell it down in this neck of my woods, pardn'r. 
May I recommend to you: at our famous Factory Outlets is the renowned,"North West Factory Co op" in Centralia, Washington. They only sell homegrown products, like YOURS. Too, just across the parkin lot is Camp 9, steak and seafood restaurant. And you might try the number one family place in town, Country Cousins. 
If all the above fails......I'LL BUY DIRECT.  I want this great stuff.....and my A-! water steak sauce is out the window."


Sherri Wrote:

"I received a bottle of this product in a basket for Christmas last year. I do not care for steak sauce, so I never used it until a couple of weeks ago.
It's wonderful! I'm out and I've tried finding it everywhere I go.
Any assistance you can give me will be greatly appreciated."

Andre E-mailed:

"Picked up some of the sauce on a visit to the Tri-Cities and just love the stuff. In fact, we're arranging for relatives to pack us a case when they fly to Denver to visit us in two weeks. They live in Everett (Silver Lake area) and will pick it up at the QFC there.   When we get out your way is it worth a visit to your plant? Or would it be a bore?   Keep up the good work."


Colleen E-mailed

"Discovered Earp's at Buzz Inn in Monroe.  I am so glad they introduced us to this amazing and versatile sauce!  I am spreading the news to others.  The sauce is really tasty on roasted chicken and fajitas. We use it more as a BBQ sauce.  Sometimes I just take a spoon out of the drawer and enjoy it all by itself-YUM"

Paula E-mailed:

"We received a bottle of your steak sauce for Christmas and now it is gone. As we really enjoyed it, can you tell me where we can get it in Canada? - Interior of British Columbia."


Pat E-mailed:

"My husband and I have ordered your sauce twice now and just love it!  We will order again when the supply gets down.  We recommend it to everyone we know".


Ron E-mailed:

"Haven't found your equal or peer in steak sauce. After Earps, it's hard to go back to those other sauces, so we're going to have to order".


Peter E-mailed

"I just had your sauce on a couple of slabs of buffalo, and your product kicks ass! This is the best meat sauce if ever tasted!

Debbie E-mailed

"My whole family really enjoys your sauce.  We bought one bottle in Oregon, but where we bought it is a 4 hour drive from here so it isn't real easy to go get more.  We have already ordered 6 bottles from you, but we are now out.  We will be ordering more soon".


Debbie wrote...

"I recently bought a bottle of your sauce in Brandon, Oregon. That was the BEST steak sauce I have ever tried!!!! It was really good on B-B-Q Tri Tip"!


Art E-mailed

"Your sauce is so awsome that I threw all the other junk away. A1, Heinz57, Hunts don't even come close in comparison to EARP'S WESTERN.

I let some friends try some and they were extremely impressed with the flavor it adds to meat".


Robin e-mailed...

"My wife won a promotional door prize basket of Seattle goodies, which included a bottle of your delicious sauce.  One taste, and I became a convert!
Columbus, OH doesn't qualify as "Out West," so I can't find your sauce locally, but I printed out the order form and will be using it.
I will have to order multiple bottles, since my co-workers have had to listen to my proselytizing and want to become believers, and when I took it to a cook-out at my mom's house, I almost couldn't take it home again."  (My one sister still isn't speaking to me for taking it back!)

Dusty wrote...

"My favorite steak sauce has always been A1, but seriously and I'm not just saying this, I like Earp's Western Steak and Dinner Sauce better."


Terry e-mailed...

"Your sauce is excellent! I was introduced to Earp's sauce on a cooking show at Q.V.C. I bought a case of this marvelous sauce and it is the best sauce I have ever used in 30 years of cooking."